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This privacy notice and the practices explained herein notify you of our commitment to protecting your private, confidential information. In order for us to process your information, certain records must contain information about you and your health. These records include medical, prescription and billing information. We intend to communicate with patients primarily by e-mail. To request we communicate with you to a specific location, or in a particular manner, please contact us as described later in this notice. We will accommodate all reasonable requests.

How Your Information May Be Used

Unless you have provided written authorization, your information will not be used or disclosed, except under the limited circumstances explained below. If you sign an authorization to release your protected health information, you may revoke the authorization in writing, except to the extent we have already disclosed information pursuant to the authorization.

  • Disclosures as required by law
    We may use or disclose contact or health information if required to do so by federal, state, or local law. The disclosure will be made in compliance with the law, and will be limited to the relevant requirements of the law. Otherwise, this information is only used and transmitted as explained below.

  • How health information is used
    Your health information may be used for the purposes of providing health care, allowing health care providers to evaluate your health and determine if treatment is necessary. This information may be shared with a third party doctor and pharmacy within our network, but will not be disclosed to any other entities we do business with such as credit card companies, shipping carriers, etc. This information is stored encrypted on secure servers.

  • Non-health information
    We do not share health care information with any non health care related entity. We obtain payment for our services through your credit card company or when applicable, cash on delivery service (COD) through a shipping carrier. The information we share with your credit card company is your account information, name, order number, order date, billing address and phone number. We may also share your IP address, email address, tracking number, shipment method and signature with these services, especially for collections. All personal and credit card information is transmitted using secure encryption technology.

  • Marketing of non-health information
    In no instance will our company use your information for marketing purposes, nor will we give or sell this information to any third party companies or agencies. Third parties (such as credit card companies and shipping carriers) are only involved with patient information to the extent of assisting us to carry out our normal business operations with our patients.

  • Request restriction of your information
    You may ask us to restrict disclosure of your information to third party health care providers, to the extent we have not already done so, even if the restriction affects our ability to facilitate health care with you.

  • Request for a copy of your health information
    You may inspect and obtain a copy of health information that we maintain about you. This includes medical and prescription records. To request a copy of your health information, please contact us as described below. If you request a copy of the records, we may charge a fee for the cost of copying, mailing, or services associated with your request.

  • Request for an accounting of disclosures.
    You may request a list accounting for any disclosures of your information we have made, except for uses and disclosures for certain other limited reasons specified by law. To request a list of disclosures, please contact us as described below.

  • Request for a paper copy of this notice.
    To obtain a paper copy, please contact us as described below. You may also view and print a copy of this page as listed on this website.

  • Changes to this notice.
    We reserve the right to change the information in this notice at any time. The most current information will be posted on our website.

  • Complaints
    We are committed to safeguarding your information. Despite our good faith efforts; questions, concerns, mistakes, and misunderstandings may arise. If you have a concern or believe that we may have violated your rights, we encourage you to bring that to our attention. We take all concerns and complaints very seriously and will investigate each one promptly. If we made a mistake, we will do what we can to correct it and take steps to prevent mistakes in the future. Under no circumstances will we retaliate against you for expressing a concern or filing a complaints.

  • Contact Information

    If you have any questions about this notice or wish to make a comment, request or complaint, please contact us by e-mailing or by calling the telephone number listed below:

    Patient Services: (888) 701-4990

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