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· Pain Relief
· Anti-Depressants
· Birth Control
· Erectile Dysfunction
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Price Matching Policy / 30-Day Lowest Price Guarantee

We will gladly match a competitor's price for a specific product on any approved health care requests. Due to the large number of illegal sites that may be able to undercut our prices by offering knock-off medications, cheap imitations, or otherwise engage in illegal activities, our policy is subject to the restrictions below. This policy subject to change without notice.

  • Must operate a US-based health care request and mail-order pharmacy service
  • Must work with US-based licensed physicians and pharmacy facilities
  • Must offer the same type of services as RX Processing Systems
  • Must have a public US-based phone number where price can be verified
  • Must have a public-facing website link to the product being matched or patient must provide verifiable proof of purchase not less than 60 days old
  • Must be for a non-scheduled, non-controlled, prescription medication
  • Must not require refrigeration
  • Must be currently listed and offered on processrx.com
  • Must be in-stock and available for immediate delivery
  • Name, quantity, strength, manufacturer and country of origin must match
  • Price must include taxes and fees including product, physician, pharmacy, and shipping
  • Price must be based on current public prices and no special discounts or promotions (i.e. all advertised competitors specials, clearance items, rebates or coupons are excluded)
NOTE: Your information will be kept strictly confidential and your identity will not be disclosed during price verification.

Please contact us by phone or by using our Contact Form if you have questions or would like us to match prices with a competitor.

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