Drug Index Hist - Hmoy

Histuss Pd / Antihistamines (Other) Histussin D / Decongestant/narcotic Antituss-Oral
Histussin Hc / Decongestant/narcotic Antitussive/antihistamine Hivid / Zalcitabine (Ddc)-Oral
Hm Acid Reducer / Famotidine 10mg-Oral Hm Adult Suppository / Glycerin Suppository
Hm Allergy / Diphenhydramine Oral Hm Animal Shape Vit + Iron / Multivitamins-Oral Chew
Hm Animal Shape Vitamin / Multivitamins-Oral Chew Hm Antacid / Calcium Carbonate Chew
Hm Antacid/antigas / Aluminum With Magnesium Hydrox-Oral Hm Anti-Diarrheal / Loperamide-Oral Liquid
Hm Antihistamine/decongestant / Pseudoephedrine With Triprolidine Hm B Complex C / Multivitamins-Oral
Hm B-100 / Vitamin B Complex-Oral Hm B-100 Balanced / Vitamin B Complex-Oral
Hm B-50 / Vitamin B Complex-Oral Hm B-50 Balanced / Vitamin B Complex-Oral
Hm Bacitracin / Bacitracin-Topical Hm Calcium / Calcium Carbonate-Oral
Hm Calcium Antacid / Calcium Carbonate Chew Hm Clotrimazole Af / Clotrimazole-Topical
Hm Complete Vitamin / Multivitamins-Oral Hm Dailyhist-1 / Clemastine 1.34mg - Oral
Hm Diaper Relief / Emollients-Topical Hm Diphedryl / Diphenhydramine Oral
Hm Eye Drops / Tetrahydrozoline-Ophth Hm Folic Acid / Folic Acid-Oral
Hm Garlic Oil / Garlic - Oral Hm Ginseng / Ginseng - Oral
Hm Heartburn Relief / Cimetidine-Oral Hm High Potency Garlic / Garlic - Oral
Hm Hydrocortisone Acetate / Hydrocortisone-Topical Hm Iron / Ferrous Sulfate-Oral
Hm Laxative / Bisacodyl-Rectal Hm Medi-Lice / Pyrethrins/piperonyl Shmpoo
Hm Miconazole 7 / Miconazole-Vaginal Hm Milk Of Magnesia / Magnesium Hydroxide-Oral
Hm Multiple Vit Plus Iron / Multivitamins-Oral Hm Multiple Vitamin Essent / Multivitamins-Oral
Hm Multiple Vitamin Essential / Multivitamins-Oral Hm Multiple Vitamin Plus Iron / Multivitamins-Oral
Hm Multiple Vitamin Womens / Multivitamins-Oral Hm Nasal Sinus / Oxymetazoline-Nasal Spray
Hm Nasal Spray / Oxymetazoline-Nasal Spray Hm Natural Fiber Laxative / Bulk-Producing Laxatives-Oral
Hm Natural Tears / Eye Lubricant - Ophthm Hm Niacin / Niacin-Oral
Hm Oys Shell Cal/d / Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral Hm Oyster Shell Calcium / Calcium Supplement/vit D-Oral

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